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zucchero aggiuntoA diet without added sugars?

For a person who loves to bake cookies it’s definitely a nice challenge.

It all started a few months ago when I read an article about how we get sugar even when we do not want to: about 80% of packaged foods contain sugar. Companies that produce food, add sugar to make their products nicer, and so sugar is added to sauces and condiments, canned vegetables, bread and crackers even if salted. You can’t belive ow much sugar is there in breakfast cereals and I do not speak of those that allegedly contain honey or chocolate, but of those we say “simple” like corn flakes: they also contain added sugar. The fruit yoghurt then are a bomb: on the label of a famous brand I read that the sugar in 125g jar was 13% which is equivalent to 16 grams of sugar that means 4 teaspoons of sugar! But I was really amazed when reading the labels at the supermarket, I found sugar in turkey bresaola and salami!

The sugar consumed in high quantities, you know, hurts and from here I have the desire to try to collect at least in part the challenge proposed by the author of the article. It idoesn’t mean no sugar at all, but only those added.

As you well know I’m a lover of cookies and for me it is not possible to quit with cookies for breakfast or tea in the afternoon, and then I started to develop recipes for cookies “without added sugar” and using theonly the sweet of fruit.

You understand that they do not have the same sweetness of a traditional biscuit, but can still give satisfaction without making us take too many sugars and feel guilty.

The first recipe I published last Thursday and the day after tomorrow I propose a new one.

Well let me know if you want to pick up this little challenge with me and if you decide to try these new recipes.

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