about me

mia foto cucinaHi, my name is Patrizia, I’m 55 years old, married and I have 2 sons: 19 and 18 years old. After graduating in economics, I have gained  experience in finance.

I started baking when I was younger  than 10 years old and one Christmas my uncle gave my sister and I an oven for children. I still remember how happy my mom was when she saw flour, eggs, and milk on the floor in our bedroom!

My second step in baking was buying a Grandma Duck manual (a very popular  children cookbook in Italy at that time). After a few years my mom allowed me to use her oven. Terrific! That was a real oven.

During the summer after the college, the cook of a well known restaurant, gave me a very simple, but yummy, recipe for cookies: the “recipe n. 1”. I hope this number 1 will bring me success just like Mc Donald’s number one!

My passion grew and any  time was the right occasion for baking cookies. My husband fell in love with my cookies.

I bough many cookbooks especially in German and for Christmas.

Eight years ago I met Maren, a German lady, who was in Italy due to her husband job, and we started to bake together during Christmas. However, her moving back to Germany didn’t stopped us. Every year, before Christmas I fly to her place  for a “48 hours baking marathon”.

Recently I’ve had the idea of sharing my passion for baking with other people and, may be  in the next future, for something else.

Open a blog takes time, but now I’m almost ready.

I’m not an expert, I’m just a baking lover and I hope to be helpful to everyone in enjoying baking, but for the moment thank you for coming to visit my blog.


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